Bright Stars

June 1st 2016
By: Mary.Wilkins
Bright Stars

Many companies like Goodfellows are looking for experience and common sense when it comes to employing young people, with an emphasis placed on practical training rather than theory-based classroom work.  With an apprenticeship, people are able to further their education and train ‘on the job’.  The qualification is closely monitored and awarded by a college, with assignments and essays to complete and submit whilst working and earning a salary. 

Mia and Tilly joined Goodfellows during 2015 and have almost completed their apprenticeship training in Business Administration, both in very different roles within the company.  In the latest wave of apprentices, Kismet has joined the Land & New Homes Department and is learning all about Shared Ownership.

Mia explained that she liked Goodfellows as it’s an independent company so she would be able to see a wide range of activities and tasks, and potential areas for personal development.  With her ‘can do’ attitude and willing nature, she is an ideal candidate for employment on the apprenticeship scheme and is a valuable asset to the company. 
Tilly was looking for a job when she left school and applied for the Business Administration apprenticeship within the Property Management department at Goodfellows.  She hit the ground running with training on the job, covering everything from filing and reporting, moving on to taking calls and answering enquiries from landlords and tenants. 
Her advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship is “go for it, you get to learn the basics and can then work hard. I’m really proud of my promotion.  It’s good to know that the Directors are happy with my work, it’s all fallen into place.”

It’s good for Goodfellows too – employing young keen people, who are able to be trained in the way of the company; they can see different aspects of the business and find a role that they can grow in and develop personally. If you would like to find out more, then visit the careers page on our website.