Goodfellows by name, GOOD-FELLOWS by nature!!

January 22nd 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

Having stayed at work beyond our usual closing time, two members of staff at our Goodfellows Mitcham office locked the office and made their way to their cars, as they walked past the entrance of the car park at the rear of the office, they could see feint traces of smoke, fearing the worse they decided to investigate and made their way in to the car park. Initially they could not see what was causing the smoke, after continued investigations it became apparent that the smoke was emanating from a car tucked away in the very far corner of the car park. Almost immediately the smouldering generated flames. Whilst one of the staff raised the alarm by calling 999 and requested the fire brigade, one other entered the flats directly above the burning car and ensured that all of the residents were evacuated safely. The car was parked only a short distance away from numerous Gas supplies to the flats above so it was a huge blessing that the fire was noticed so quickly as well as the speed that the fire brigade reacted and were on site or its fair to say that it would have been a very different outcome.