Hot tubs – love or hate them? 1 in 10 households now own a hot tub in the UK…

September 18th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge
Hot tubs – love or hate them? 1 in 10 households now own a hot tub in the UK…

Over the past few years we have seen an evolution in hot tubs, one in ten households in the UK now has one: once viewed as too expensive and a bit of throw back from the 70’s, they now come in so many different prices, shapes and sizes that there seems as though there is something for everyone’s taste.
It is now estimated that there are 80-100,000 hot tubs in the UK, with more gardeners opting to buy a hot tub rather than a garden shed, so we have had a look around the market place to find the some of the least expensive, to the most quirky:
The Lay-Z spa Vegas is the cheapest and although it is inflatable it has some great reviews, the cost is £399 for delivery at the end of September in the UK. You can even take it away on holiday with you. We found this on the Splash and Relax website.

The next step up from the Lay-Z spa is the Spruce Wood burning stove, priced at £1,850 it also eco friendly because as the name suggests the water is heated by a wood burner. They are also delivered already assembled from the World of Pools.
The next step up for the traditional style hot tub are around £3,000, you can buy the Countesa from Z Spa, which has enough space for 4 people and one massage jets, to check out this and their full range please visit their website.
At the top end of the scale is the Luxema 8000 jacuzzi, this hot tub is big enough to have a swim in and it weighs 1500 kg and needs about 10,000 litres of water to fill, not much of an eco option. It separates into two different sections, the lower part can seat up to six people and has its own bar. This hot tub is made by SPAmbient (featured in the photo) and costs over £16,000.
But if you do look at investing in a hot tub it might be worth considering that according to a recent survey by the Daily Mail, gardeners have voted the garden hot tub as one of their top 10 annoyances.