Planning your stay vacation in Surrey

July 28th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

If you are planning to spend your holiday at home this summer then according to Travel Supermarket you are among the 32% of Brits who are planning a stay vacation this year.
The average family of four spends around £3,440 on a week’s holiday abroad. This works out at £860 per head and includes flights, taxes, accommodation and all other expenses; equating to two months wages, based on the average UK wage of £26,500.
So it’s no wonder that stay vacations are becoming more and more popular in the UK, and it’s not just about taking out the hassle of traveling with low-cost air-lines or the recent prolonged waits at Calais - it’s about saving money.
So here are some of our tips on how to make the best of your stay vacation…
1. Set a budget – set a daily budget this will enable you to work out where you can go and what you can do during your holiday.
2. Plan – take time to plan where and what you are going to do during the holiday with your family – visit your local tourist office, check what there is to do in your area throughout the holidays. There are some great craft courses, places to visit and things to do across Surrey. Create a daily calendar of things you and your family are going to do during the holiday.
3. Plan a visit to London – during your break plan a trip into the capital; there are so many things to do and see. Check out the TimeOut’s website, packed full of summer holiday events including theatres, museums and fairs to visit
4. Use up your supermarket vouchers – if you have accrued any vouchers from your shopping then exchange these for restaurant vouchers, park vouchers and entertainment.
5. Keep it simple – the simple things are always the best in life, such as creating a picnic in your lounge on rainy days, having a cinema night with pop corn, creating some fun art pieces for your home, planting some new flowers in the garden.
Source: DailyMail