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March 10th 2022
What are the government's plans in relation to Levelling Up and the private rental sector?
January 25th 2022
Goodfellows Estate and Letting Agency are delighted to announce the opening of a new branch in New Malden following growing demand and a noticeable trend for new buyers and tenants.
January 5th 2022
Your responsibilities as a landlord in relation to COVID-19 and your tenants.As a landlord, the government is asking that you help to encourage behaviours around good ventilation with your tenants.
November 16th 2021
The government recently announced that it will make £65m available to support low income households who are in rent arrears, as a result of the pandemic. As a landlord or a tenant, what does this mean for you?
October 20th 2021
What are my responsibilities as a Landlord? If you're thinking of becoming a landlord, there are a number of rules and regulations you’ll need to consider. read our guide to find out more.
October 20th 2021
Purchasing Buy-to-let Property for Investment. Top Tips. Buy-to-let properties have become a popular type of investment. They are a medium to long term investment which provide both income and capital growth over the long term, despite occasional fluctuations in the property market. Follow our guide for top tips for your buy-to-let investment.
October 20th 2021
Know your rental yield Do you know what the ‘yield’ of your buy-to let property is? Find out how to calculate it.
October 20th 2021
How to prepare your rental property for winter.Landlords need to plan ahead for the winter months in order to protect their property.
October 20th 2021
Top Tips to Improve your Rental YieldWhat steps can you take to improve your rental yield?
October 20th 2021
How do I choose a buy-to-let property?Choosing the right property to invest in is crucial to successful buy-to-let management.
May 27th 2021
There are numerous changes affecting landlords in 2021. Our helpful guide focuses on five key financial pointers that landlords need to be aware of.
December 1st 2020
With winter coming now is the time to check and ensure your property is secure, safe and warm for your tenants. Read through our checklist and get your property winter ready.