Top Kitchen trends…

December 9th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

Kitchens have become more of an integrated part of our homes this year; reflected in the latest seamless kitchen designs, from walls of cupboards quietly merging into the furniture and decor normally associated with other areas of the home. Everything is hidden; sinks, appliances and worktops with only a limited amount of designer goods on show.
Behind the wall of cupboards lies all sorts of modern kitchen paraphernalia from pull out pantry shelves, wine coolers - nearly 48% of homes now have one of these, to hot water on tap. Warming drawers are also popular, due partly the Great British Bake Off.  A top end kitchen would have to have two dishwashers; one for the glasses and one for the plates, and a minimum of two fridges and freezers.  Charging stations – these are drawers with multiple sockets where you can charge any of your electronic gadgets in one place, hidden away.
Gone has the time when a kitchen island was made for just preparing food, now we expect it to look like a piece of art, enhancing our home’s interior, a moveable and even expandable island, as our desire to have a multi-functional space has become more of a necessity than a luxury - a place to work and study as well as preparing food.
Lighting this year has an industrial theme; this can be made from virtually any material, steel, iron, mesh; we have seen copper make a huge comeback this year - old fashioned style light bulbs are also bang on trend.
Lastly precision cookers like the Anova Precison Cooker, the sous vide device that cooks food perfectly every time, which means that you can spend more time with the children or entertaining your guests.