Treasure Hunt… a new take on an Easter Egg Hunt?!

April 2nd 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge
Treasure Hunt… a new take on an Easter Egg Hunt?!

If you have wanted a new kind of treasure hunt, an Easter egg hunt with a difference, why not try geocaching?  All you need is a sense of fun and a handheld GPS – a smart phone.  You and your family can discover new places and the great outdoors by hunting out a ‘cache’.
A cache is a little waterproof treasure box hidden outdoors.  If you take part in this activity, you’ll be known as a ‘geocacher’ and you’ll hunt out the hidden treasures using your GPS enabled device – it will use co-ordinates (waypoints) which are downloaded from or  There are also free apps for Android or iPhone.
There are hundreds of geocaches located across the UK.  When you have found one, there’s a note book and pen inside for you to leave a message.  There is also an assortment of goodies that visitors have left to swap.  If you take a trinket out of the box then you must leave something in its place – so make sure you carry some things to swap with you.  Some boxes have cameras in too and the owner of the cache will upload them with a link to the location so you can continue the fun at home on and update your find.
Popular items found in caches are coins, stamps, small toys or a book or CD.  Sometimes items are moved around from one cache to another and their location can be tracked and followed.   
It makes a change from hunting for chocolate and gets families out and about in the great outdoors.  The National Trust describes the activity as a treasure hunt for the digital generation – why not join in?