Mortgage appointment checklist

Applying for a mortgage is much easier when you're prepared so read our handy checklist to ensure you have all the right documents ahead of your mortgage appointment. 

1. Proof of identification

A form of ID e.g a passport or driving licence

2. Proof of address

Your full address history to cover the last 3 years

3. Proof of income

Your employers details for the last 3 years including name, address, phone number and dates you were employed in the role(s).

13 weeks or 3 months payslips

Latest P60 which is usually issued by your employer in April/May.

Last 2 copies of SA302s/audieted accounts if self employed

Bank statement for the last 3 months

Latest annual mortgage statement if applicable

Deatails of any existing outgoings, e.g details of other loan commitments


4. Supporting documents

Proof of deposit

Details or all existing personal and mortgage insurance

Any employment benefits such as sickpay or pensions

Property details if not purchasing through Goodfellows.

Please make sure you bring all original documents to your appointment. 

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