Maintenance tips for tenants

If you are renting a property then big issues will be dealt with by your landlord. But there are a number of things you can be responsible for yourself.

Central heating – when it’s really cold and the temperature is likely to drop to freezing, it’s a good idea to leave your thermostat on about 15 degrees and leave the heating on all of the time.  Many radiators have individual thermostats so you can leave them set in each room.  Check your boiler works properly before the end of the summer months so you know it is in full working order for the winter.

Radiators – you can bleed the radiator if the top part of it is cold and the bottom is warm – air is trapped in the system and bleeding the radiator will release the air to let hot water fill it. If a number of the radiators are cold then you might need to get your property manager to arrange for a heating engineer to check the whole system.

Burst or leaking pipes – pull away any carpet and use a towel or newspaper to absorb the water and put a dish under the leak to catch any more water.  If it is a small leak then let your property manager know.  If it is a burst pipe then turn the water off at the main stopcock.  Turn on all the taps and this will empty the water from the system.  Call your property manager.

Common problems

  • If your oven has stopped working - check the clock and reset the timer.
  • If your washing machine has stopped or won’t drain - check the pump filter, drain the machine and check to see if something has got stuck.
  • If your electricity trips – check to see if one appliance is the problem.