How much can I afford to rent?

Have a clear understanding of your finances and situation so that you can act quickly when we find you your next home.

Know exactly where you want to live, how much you can really afford and what you need to do to move in promptly.  Renting property is a lot faster than buying. Be ready to act quickly so that we can make sure you get the home you want.

Ask about the cost of living and use the Goodfellows Budget Planner to get an idea of how much disposable income you could have and how much of that you would use on a rental payment.  Complete section 1 and any that apply in section 2.

There are numerous outgoings to consider such as the utilities;  water, electricity gas and oil,  Council Tax, insurance, telephone lines, broadband and television.

A great way to get the best local rates for utilities is to speak to our partners at which is our utilitles comparison and switching service who take your details, check the entire market for the best possible local rates and let you decide who to switch to.

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