Preparing your property for photographs

Preparing your home for our photographer:

Clean your home, paying special attention to the kitchen and bathroom – make the taps shine!

Clear away the clutter – if you’re serious about moving then you’ll need to pack to move, start now and clear out the things you really don’t want to keep.

Tidy the garden and bring in any washing.

We don’t always photograph every room, so move things into a utility room or storage cupboard to maximise the space on view.

Clear the tops of wardrobes and under the beds – if your home looks like you can’t fit in it any more, it’ll put off buyers.

Bathrooms – put all bottles, sponges and cloths in a bag in the bath.

Kitchens – tidy the surfaces, put all food, packets, washing up etc away.

Put your bins away.

Be ready to move your car off the drive.