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Property Management

We take pride in our property management service we offer our landlords as not only does it ensure the smooth running and proven longevity of the tenancies, top class maintenance of the properties, it also offers that all important peace of mind of possibly the biggest investment anyone is likely to have.

Our service ranges from handling minor repairs to full-scale refurbishments, extensions and conversions using our network of reputable local tradespeople. We also deal promptly and professionally with tenant queries and the day-to-day issues that inevitably arise, saving you headaches and ensuring your tenants feel well looked after.

As part of our efficient service, we perform daily rent reconciliations that enable us to take swift action on any late payments. As you would expect, we enforce rigorous financial controls to ensure the accuracy of financial information and timely transfer of payments to landlords.

  • Rent collection and chasing any arrears. We will advise you if at any stage we feel that the tenants are not going to pay and you need to take legal action. We will liaise with your solicitors throughout the process.
  • Monitoring of problems and repairs.
  • Handling of inventories and dilapidations at the start and end of the tenancy.
  • Access to a portfolio of approved contractors with competitive contractor pricing from our economies of scale.
  • Advice on relevant legislation and action taken on landlord's behalf when necessary.
  • Recommendation on marketing of the property including refurbishment service and advice.
  • Two property visits per annum.
  • Organising a professional clean.
  • Point of contact for the tenant.


Contact Property Management

020 8687 8345


Please note that the Goodfellows offices will be closed during the Christmas period on the following dates:

Please note that our offices will be closed during the Christmas period on the following dates:

Sunday 22nd December CLOSED

Monday 23rd December OPEN 9am - 5pm

Wednesday 24th January  CLOSED

Wednesday 25th December CLOSED

Thursday 26th December  CLOSED

Friday 27th December OPEN 10am - 4pm

Saturday 28th December OPEN 10am - 4pm

Sunday 29th December CLOSED

Monday 30th December OPEN 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 31st January CLOSED

Wednesday 1st January CLOSED

Thursday 2nd January Open 8.45am - 6pm


May we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Out of hors

If during the times the office is closed and you require a contractor for Urgent cases only, please call one of the following:  Please note that if the maintenance issue is not an Emergency, you may be charged for the call out of the contractor during these times.


Sean Lacey

07894 575 443


Jackie Rossiter (Allgas) 

07497 601 007

Plumbing & Gas                             

Heating & Gas Solutions Ltd       

Perry Nunn

078820 39941


Said Gutlin 

07775 765991

Escape of Gas                                 

Transco 0800 111 999

Thames Water                             

0845 920 0800

Sutton & East Surrey Water       

0845 278 0845

What to do in an emergency?

What to do in an emergency?

Find out more.

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Maintenance tips

Maintenance tips

Help and advice.

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FAQs for tenants

What if I accidentally cause damage to the property?

Don’t worry – accidents happen. Tell whoever is responsible for the property maintenance (either the landlord or letting agent) as soon as possible. You will be expected to cover the cost of putting it right. Don’t try to ignore or hide damage because it could get worse, and it will only come out of your deposit at the end of the tenancy.

My electric oven has stopped working
  • You may have accidentally re-set the timer.  Check and reset your clock.
  • If there is no power at all, check your fuse box to ensure that the circuit hasn’t been broken.
My washing machine is not draining, or has stopped mid cycle
  • Your pump filter is probably blocked.
  • Drain the machine and check the filter for foreign objects.
My sink is draining slowly / not draining at all
  • This is likely to be caused by a build up of food and lime scale.
  • Buy a sink/drain unblocking liquid to remove the blockage.
My radiators aren’t hot all the way up
  • There is too much air in the system.
  • You need to bleed your radiators.
My central heating isn’t working properly
  • Checked that the thermostat isn’t set too low.
  • Make sure the timer is set correctly on the boiler.
My Electrics keep tripping
  • Check if it is a particular appliance in your home that is the problem by means of elimination.
My toilet flush has stopped working
  • Use a bucket of water to flush the toilet whilst waiting for a contractor to repair.