30 Years of Goodfellows

Posted January 15th 2020

Back in 1990, mobile phones were just coming into use – car phones for salesmen, mobiles the size of a brick - compared to the tiny mobile phones now that everyone, including children, has in their pocket or bag.

Tim Berners-Lee had started his work on the world wide web – now we use it constantly, can you even remember how we lived and worked without it?

Goodfellows launched its first office in Morden in 1990 and in 2020 we celebrated our 30 year anniversary.  The evolution of technology has enhanced the way we work but one thing remains constant – caring about moving people and their homes; finding the right house for you to create your perfect property.

Roll back to 1990 and the only way to communicate was during office hours via the landline, fax, face to face or by letter.  Today we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – emails, texts and mobiles mean that communication is more efficient, immediate and effective.

Average property prices have risen from around £50,000 to over £250,000 with a peak at over £300,000 before the collapse in 2007.  With an ever changing market, our staff and local knowledge is invaluable to ensure we obtain the best price and best property for you.

We know you have a choice, we believe we offer a unique service; people skills and the personal touch which is what sets Goodfellows apart from other agents.  Our staff are fully trained to deal with your property sale, let and purchase whilst ensuring that you are guided through the whole process with care and consideration.  Why not see why we’ve stood the test of time?