Introducing Fixflo: Goodfellows repair reporting system

October 1st 2020

Whether it’s a leaky tap or a blocked drain, we appreciate that from time to time you may experience problems with your property. The good news is Fixflo is here to help. The efficient, easy to use system is available to all tenants of properties fully managed by Goodfellows, and offers both tenants and landlords complete peace of mind.

Here are some more facts about Fixflo:

  • The system is online, meaning you can register maintenance issues within a few clicks anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 access available
  • In-system guidance for tenants
  • User-friendly icons allow you to find what you’re looking for, fast
  • The portal can be translated into multiple languages
  • Photos can be added to each report

As well as day to day issues that may arise, Fixflo is also on hand for any out of hours emergencies you may encounter (gas leaks, lack of power etc).

Report a repair through Fixflo

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