Three homes with the perfect Pancake Day kitchens

February 12th 2024
A family making pancakes

Pancake Day is one of the most delicious days of the year, and while you can buy pre-made ones, there's nothing quite like making them fresh in your kitchen. And what would be better than making the perfect pancakes in the perfect kitchen?

We've put together a list of three properties currently for sale that would make the best setting for some family pancake making. Whether you're an expert flipper or strictly a taste tester, these properties have the ideal kitchens to bake and eat in this Pancake Day.

This stunning five-bedroom house features a spacious open plan kitchen with a bespoke island that gives you plenty of room for all your pancake flipping.

The kitchen for this four-bedroom home is bright, modern and more than big enough for all your family to sit around in front of piles of pancakes.

This lovely three-bedroom property features a cool-toned, well decorated kitchen that is the perfect setting for any baking marathon. 

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