Prepare your rental property for winter

December 1st 2020

As winter approaches now is the time to check your property and make sure it is safe and secure for your tenants. Following on from last years Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act, which makes it a legal obligation to ensure that rented houses and flats are ‘fit for human habitation’ then it is essential you check your property is ready for the colder months. 

If rented houses and flats are not ‘fit for human habitation’, tenants can take their landlords to court. 


Make sure your property is ready for the weather

Check for any cracks in the bricks and mortar, broken or cracked windows, damaged doors and seals, loose or missing tiles and or guttering. If there is a log fire ensure the chimney is swept. 

Outside the property

Clear any debris is clear from gutters, check that any fencing is secure and that sheds and outside bins are in good order.

Keeping the home warm

Ensure the heating is working, bleed the radiators and check the thermostats and boilers are all working well. Check the pipes are in good condition and are insulated with lagging to prevent cracks from the cold. 

Check electrics

Check the sockets are not being overrun, schedule your annual PAT services. With people working from home additional appliances and equipment may be in use, check there are enough sockets and that any risk is reduced .

Talk to your tenants

Remind them of where to find the fuse box, stop cock, and numbers to call in an emergency. Discuss the imprtance of keeping the house sufficiently warm so the pipes don't freeze, wiping down condensation to avoid mould and not to overload sockets and extension cables. 

Check Insurance

Make sure you hae the right insurance needs for your property. Review your maintenance obligations and responsibilites and if you are covered for flood, water and weater damage. 

If you want to discuss your insurance then get in touch