Small things you can do to update your rental property

February 23rd 2023
Someone lifting up a plant and wiping down a surface

If you’re reletting your property soon, now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and update your rental. Regular maintenance can help keep your letting attractive to renters and ensure you can charge the best possible price for it.

Here are some small things you can do to help upkeep your rental property now that the property’s empty:

Repaint any mould-hit walls

With the pervading cold snaps alongside the ongoing energy crisis, many homes have been hit hard with mould this winter. Even successfully tackled mould can end up leaving stains, and heavy-duty mould spray often tends to strip paint off the wall. Now that winter has passed, it’s worth taking the time to paint over any marks there may be to keep the property looking fresh.

Update your furniture

If you rent out an HMO or furnished property, it’s worth checking and potentially upgrading your property’s furniture. Even the highest quality furnishings can become worn down because of use and time. Keeping your furniture up to scratch is a good way to make tenants feel comfortable and encourage them to stay long-term.

Draught proofing

Though we’re coming out of the winter months, making sure the house is as draught proof as possible is always important, especially in the face of British springtime. With the high energy costs, any effort to make sure heat stays inside the property is a good one. 

Clean up the garden

Spring coming up means that gardens will start coming back to life. Small things like planting some flowers, giving the fence a paint or investing in a bit of garden furniture can make a massive difference to how it looks and feels for any potential tenant.

If you've got any questions about rental property maintenance or want any support, please contact our Property Management team.