Conventional estate agents remain the preferred choice for vendors

July 8th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

Using a local estate agent such as Goodfellows to market a property still remains a vendors first choice when selling their home – in fact 95% of sellers prefer to use a high street estate agent than an on-line estate agency.  
Over the past few years we have seen an influx of on-line estate agents coming into the residential market place - at first glance they might seem appealing, as they are cheaper than a traditional agent.  They also offer photographic packages and on-line advice on selling a property, but that’s really where the benefits stop, as many on-line sellers have found out. The complexities involved with marketing, negotiating and leading to an eventual sale are far more complex than setting up an on-line advertisement.
Using a conventional estate agency is a tried and tested way to sell a home. They will already have a good on-line presence, a list of prospective buyers, as well as well as several branches on the high street. Getting the price right is one of the most important aspects of selling a home, getting it wrong could potentially lead to a house being on the market for too long, which will put off any potential buyers, so using an agent which has their finger on the pulse when it comes to local price fluctuations combined with experience of achieved house prices in that area, is very important.
An experienced estate agent such as Goodfellows will also apply a series of different techniques when selling your home, such as sending out property details to their database of qualified buyers; organising ‘open house days; distributing leaflets locally; advertising in the local press and communicating through their social media channels. They will have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the best means to market your home.
Traditional estate agents also have more motivation to ensure that they secure the best price for a property because they work on a commission basis, plus you get to try before you buy – only paying once your property has sold. A good agent will have experience in negotiating, a valuable skill built up on years of experience and training. One of the hardest aspects for an inexperienced DIY seller is to qualify an offer, it can be a tricky business especially where accessing finance details is concerned.  An estate agent will have already established the financial status of a potential buyer, which will help to reduce disappointment and possibly losing another interested buyer or buyers who have already moved on and bought another property.
One of the hardest aspects about selling a property is when complicated chains are involved - very few houses come without chains, so being able to negotiate with several third-parties, such as solicitors and other agents could make or break sale, so that’s where experience in this area is essential to make sure there is enough momentum to achieve a complex series of sales.
At Goodfellows we have years of experience in the local market place, our trained negotiators always work hard to ensure that they achieve the best price for their customers, and our success as a company is based on our consistency in the market place. If you would like to find out selling your home with Goodfellows why not pop into your local branch for a coffee and a chat or call our team on 020 81020554.