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January 25th 2018
Happy Birthday to Tom
Happy Birthday to Tom.Having joined the company in January 2017 as an Apprentice, Tom has established himself as a key member of the...
January 18th 2018
Card surcharges over
If you have had to use your cards for payments around the purchase or rental of a property you will be glad to know that from 13 January, in line with the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) companies have been banned from charging fees for credit or debit card payments. 
January 17th 2018
How to steer clear of the pitfalls that could devalue your home
More often than not people talk about ways to add value to their Surrey properties.  But there might also be some things to avoid if you want to make sure your home retains its value
January 16th 2018
Old Rutlishians Wine & Cheese Evening
Looking for something local to do?Why not come along to the Old Rutlishians Wine & Cheese Evening. Friday, February 9th at 7.15.
January 12th 2018
Rents going up requiring careful management
Looking after your tenants is important as a landlord and some recent research by credit reference agency Equifax has found that 52% of tenants living in London expect their rents to go up this year.
January 2nd 2018
UK house prices still rising in 2018 
For many British homeowners the value of their homes has risen hugely over the last six years, the average is 30.9%.
December 20th 2017
Merton and Morden Guild members Christmas party
Goodfellows were delighted to be involved once again in the Merton and Morden Guild members Christmas party.
December 15th 2017
Christmas Jumper Day 2017
We would like to thank all of our staff for taking part in Christmas Jumper day, we raised a massive £123.80! All of the money ...
December 1st 2017
12 tips on how to maximise your rental yield
If you are a landlord and are looking to maximise your BTL investment here are some tips on how you can achieve the best returns on your investment.
November 29th 2017
First time buyers in 2017
Despite rising house prices we have seen first time buyers coming back into the market place. During 2016 levels reached 335,750 – the highest since the financial crises.
November 27th 2017
A taste of Asian meditation in Wimbledon…
If you find it hard to juggle children, work commitments, and home life you are not alone, in fact life in the fast lane has become a huge problem for the working parent and professional with stress related issues causing people to have difficulties sleeping finding it  harder to switch off, hence insomnia in the UK has become an increasing problem.
November 22nd 2017
Wimbledon remains popular with buyers…
Locals say that it's a really friendly place to live and has the bonus of being filled with bustling bars, restaurants, cafes and good schools.