Home fashion - Old is the NEW

June 13th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

It’s good to see that an old time strategy to reuse old things is being embraced in such a big way in the UK. It doesn’t seem as though it was so long ago that the popular Swedish store shocked the nation with its first run of advertising campaigns, where whole householders were throwing their old furniture into massive skips. In today’s waste not want not culture it is hard to imagine that it wasn’t shocking because they were throwing away perfectly good furniture, it was shocking as we found ourselves momentously liberated by realising that we could cheaply replace all of our outdated furniture at a fraction of the cost for new sleek lines, without it breaking the bank. 
Our perception of what is ecologically acceptable has changed massively since then, and our consumer habits, partly thanks to programmes such as ‘Kirsty’s Homemade Home’, which have made us realise that buying old furniture doesn’t mean that it’s second best, we have embraced ‘Upcycling’ and ‘Repurposing’– reusing old objects and creating fabulous new ones. Home interior magazines have also played a large role in feeding our hunger for creating beautiful homes at a fraction of the cost - all served up with a generous helping of morality, in knowing that we are not adding to the already overloaded landfill sites in the UK.
We are no longer satisfied with knowing that someone else has the same bed side-table or chair, we now have a hunger to own something unique, mismatching, shabby chic - furniture that is solid, has some age and beauty, admitting to owning flat-pack seems so last century.
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