10 ways to save money…

April 30th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

If you are struggling with your finances, there are quite a few ways in which you can save money by following our simple 10 ways to spend less money tips:

  1. Review your current energy supplier – you will be amazed how much money you could save each year – sign up to the Energy Saving Club – it’s free and they will offer impartial recommendations Money Saving Expert - Energy Club.
  1. Buy less food – you could be saving hundreds by making a food shopping plan and list – and stick to it – don’t get dubbed into buying special offers or BOGOFs. Check out the LoveFoodHateWaste Website.
  1. Credit cards – don’t just pay the minimum each month, as it’s an expensive way of borrowing money – pay as much off each month as you can. Look out for interest free credit card offering free transferring balances.
  1. When you eat out use vouchers – several large chain restaurants such as Ask, Prezzo, Frankie and so fourth offer money off vouchers when eating in their restaurants – sign up for their newsletters to get all of the latest offers.
  1. Work out your monthly expenses and set yourself a budget for spending on entertainment and personal expenses. And stick to it.
  1. Cut down on your car fuel costs – only fill half the tank, make sure your tyres are pumped up to the correct pressure, try and avoid using air-conditioning, detach roof racks or roof boxes. Compare petrol prices at
  1. Cheaper car insurance – check out comparison websites to see if you can better deal such as Compare the market, MeerKat or
  1. Become a saver – even if it’s only £5 per week, you will soon see your pot get fatter.
  1. Invest in renewable energy – such as solar panels which you could get fitted for free – check out the Shade Greener website to see if you could get them fitted free of charge.
  1. Save on your broadband  - there are some great deals on at the moment – BT are offering broad band and line rent for £216 for 18 months, check out the main suppliers to see which deals are available to you.