25 Year Competition Winner

May 6th 2015
By: Jon
25 Year Competition Winner

As Goodfellows celebrates its 25th year, we took a look back at what was happening in 1990 and during the year have run competitions to celebrate.  The first winner of the year was Brian Thomas who sold his house through the Stonecot Hill office and now only pays 1990 fees instead of 2015 fees.

Brian was shocked when Ann Dickman, Manager of the office called to tell him he had won the prize.  He said he “was so surprised as I never win anything!”  Paying a reduced fee means that there’s more money available for their move to Ireland where he and his wife are planning on retiring to this year.

Having lived with his wife and family in the house for 30 years, he is sad to leave the home they had renovated, extended, and made their own.  His friendly lurcher wandered in and out and she will enjoy the open spaces of Cork when the move takes place.

The couple had talked about moving to Ireland 27 years ago but for one reason and another it didn’t happen. Their dream was always to move and open a B&B there, so hopefully they can buy their dream home and move to enjoy a new lifestyle together.

The road they live in has a real community feel, he said they’re known as the ‘Corner Shop’, with friends and neighbours popping in and out all the time. 

“If I could take this house and all the surrounding area with us then I would.” Brian told me, he said that his neighbours aren’t losing a neighbour as much as they’re gaining a holiday home. 

He spoke highly of Ann, saying how she took the time to talk to him and value their home.  Brian chose Goodfellows because he liked Ann’s way and demeanour, saying how easy she was to get on with. It’s clear that the rapport with Ann and the rest of her team helped to ensure that a buyer was found for the Thomas’ home.  If you would like to find out more about how to sell your house or invite us to give you a valuation, call our office on 020 8652 2929.