50 Sheds of grey… brown, green or blue

June 30th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

National shed week takes place during the 1st – 6th July and is in its eighth year of being celebrated!  As a nation, our sheds have their history and roots dating way back, with the word developing from the Anglo Saxon ‘shud’.

Today’s sheds are often more elaborate that those belonging to our parent’s generation – as an extension of our homes, they are often used as an extra room for additional enjoyment during the summer and when the weather is more pleasant.  The choice available now is vast.  A traditional wooden shed can be enhanced with a veranda or decking and then decorated with pots of plants or climbers.  Many people now decorate them with bunting and lights for the summer evenings, giving a party feeling all season. 

Wooden sheds, beach hut style sheds, or cabins – the choice is endless.  Plastic storage ‘sheds’ are available from all the big DIY stores for bikes and garden tools, leaving the bigger structures for use as an outdoor room.

Even the outside can be painted or stained in a modern way with a wide range of colours easily available, ideal for today’s gardens.  Whether you want to blend in or stand out – there are colours to suit everyone.