A day in the life…

September 18th 2014
By: Jon

of a Property Manager is a busy one and depends on building good relationships.  I spoke to Laura, at Goodfellows’ Morden office and found out all about her day and why she loves her job so much.
With hundreds of properties to look after, Laura spends her time keeping everyone happy.  She is able to balance the needs of the landlord with the needs of the tenant and ensures all parties are looked after.  With a fully managed let, the property is in safe hands.  Goodfellows carry out regular inspections every six months, or more if deemed necessary, and check that the property is being well looked after.  Feedback is given to the landlord, together with photographs or updates of any work being carried out.   An inventory is completed at the beginning of the tenancy, checked again at the end and any discrepancies are accounted for – as either fair wear and tear, or dilapidations or damages which can be paid for from the tenant’s deposit.
First thing every morning, Laura checks her emails and phone messages for urgent issues – occasionally there will be a collapsed ceiling or broken boiler to deal with; she’s onto it straight away, calling upon the services of the contractors appointed by Goodfellows to sort a problem.  All the contractors are thoroughly vetted and proven.  Consequently, they have a regular bank of plumbers, electricians, handymen and cleaners at their disposal to ensure that all work carried out is of a high quality and that guarantees are provided if appropriate.  It’s vital to ensure that the contractors are reliable and trustworthy as looking after a property is her priority. 
If there are any disputes, she is able to negotiate with both parties until an acceptable outcome is reached and make a recommendation as to what she feels is fair and reasonable.  As she told me, “the job is all about relationships and being able to speak to people.  Sometimes I just have to accept that someone’s frustrated because of a situation and not take it personally.  When I do get a thank you at the end, I really appreciate it!”
Going the extra mile to make sure a tenant feels happy and a landlord is getting a fully managed let, means that Laura’s job isn’t the regular 9-5 sort.  “How can I leave a tenant without hot water or central heating on a Friday night?” she says, “it has to be sorted!” Reassurance that she is really committed to the job is apparent within minutes of talking to her.  Laura’s interpersonal skills are obvious, and I’m sure that she makes both landlord and tenant feel that they are the most important person she is dealing with.
If you are looking to rent a property as a landlord or tenant, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service from Laura and her team.  To find out more, give Goodfellows Lettings a call on 020 8687 0077.