A day in the life of our Land Manager, Peter

December 17th 2015
By: Mary.Wilkins
A day in the life of our Land Manager, Peter

“Having known this elderly couple for a while now, it became evident that that there was development potential in the property where they have lived for a number of years as a family.

The time was right for them to look to downsize to a more rural area. It became apparent once looking on the mapping systems which we have in place, that there was the possibility of placing two pairs of semi–detached houses, to replace the existing bungalow.

We then introduced a handful of proven respected developers to present offers based on a subject to planning scenario, an offer was excepted with an uplift of £250,000 above the then current value of the existing property, subject to planning permission.

Contracts in a form of an option agreement were then signed and entered into, committing both parties into a legally binding contract, this protects both the owners as well as the developer.

Planning permission was then granted at local level, the owners were given a 6 month period to find a suitable property to reside in for the next chapter of their lives.

The owners were very grateful for the service provided, they also have all the memories created over many years, and the knowledge that the property has now been replaced with new dwellings, with money in the bank for a comfortable future.”

If Peter can be of assistance, please call him on 01372 738170 or email him