A viable alternative to cat litter?

February 25th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

According to the BBC as of 2012, the ratio of cats to humans is 1:10, as there is estimated to be around 10 million cats in the UK, with cats currently being a more popular choice than dogs.
Coupled with the love of our furry feline pet normally comes the dreaded litter tray, and all that is associated with it. If you are fed up with cleaning it out, an Australian inventor, Jo Lapidge has designed a new type of system eliminating the need for a cat tray.
Inspired by the Hollywood film ‘Meet the Fockers’ Lapidge was inspired to create a new type of kitty toilet that fits into a normal size toilet, enabling cats to use the same toilet.
The new cat toilet, aptly called LitterKwitter is said to enable your cat to use a normal toilet within eight weeks or less. The Litter Kwitter is placed on top of the toilet seat and eventually swapped for different sized discs with holes in the middle that fit with the rim of the lid. It is supposed to work best with kittens but it states that any healthy cat can potentially use the toilet. At a cost of around £40 it will soon start to help you to make savings, the LitterKwitter is available to buy on-line @ or at most pet stores.