Are you looking for a heritage property?

October 29th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

Victorian terraced houses are part of our national heritage; built at time when architects embraced new materials and technologies, which had never been used before.
Proper sanitation was introduced during this period, with many homes having an outside ‘privy’ or an inside ‘water closet.’ Some of these houses also had running cold water, and lighting was powered by gas in many homes for the first time.
It’s difficult to imagine now that these stunning period homes were once ear marked for demolition, as post-war architecture turned its back on what it saw at the time as fussy and impractical housing. It was around this time that Britain embraced space travel and block style ‘modern’ housing; many of which have not stood the test of time. 
By the time the 80s came, we started to grasp tradition again, with many people dreaming of owning a ‘period’ property. People have realised that modern architecture can create a perfect marriage with Victorian houses, whether it’s opening up small dark rooms, to adding a light and airy back kitchen extension, some of the most beautiful homes in Surrey and London are those enhanced keeping a perfect blend of Victorian splendour and adding clean, sharp modern lines.