Are you sitting comfortably…?

January 28th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

Did you know that there’s a National Story Telling Week during the first week of February?  It celebrates all that we enjoy in relating tales to one another, from talking about the television we’ve seen, to stories from our childhoods.  Stories to entertain, thrill and excite the listener.  It’s all about the traditional oral communication between generations.  Performance story telling has the power to bring people together and is often used in education and therapy.  It’s a way of handing down historical and cultural stories from one generation to the next and preserving the tales for the future.
Maybe you have memories of being read to as a child.  If you have your own children, do you read your favourite stories to them and enjoy them again as an adult?  Or maybe your children are part of a new generation of listeners with new books that you can read and enjoy together for the first time. 
Or maybe you were one of the lucky ones who had someone to tell you stories that they made up as they were telling them.  Stories from their own imagination that have the ability to change as the audience is listening and reacting, judging what the characters could do to entertain you more.  Everyone has the ability to tell a story, we all have ideas and experiences to draw upon, why not start telling your own story today?
Story time with children is a precious time of the day, some stories are saved for bedtime, cosy and tucked up in bed, sharing time together without the distractions of the day.
There are storytelling groups and storytellers who can be booked for schools and libraries.  They all enjoy the entertainment of the written word, delivered as the spoken word. Many storytelling events take place throughout the year, why not visit one this year and enjoy the art of the story….. I’ve been to one at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill and the memory of the performance has stayed with me for years.