Avoid a burglary by not posting holiday snaps on social media

July 29th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
Avoid a burglary by not posting holiday snaps on social media

If you are jetting off on holiday this year then make sure that you don’t post your holiday snaps to social media as a new wave of thieves could use this information to burgle your home, and by broadcasting your absence it could result in your home insurer not paying out. 

According to a new report in the Daily Mail, seventy percent of travellers post their photographs on Instagram whilst they are away, which enables burglars to be able to see where they were taken and when. They state that the problem is that one in six people don’t ever check their security settings – which makes them a perfect target for a burglar.
These are some suggestions on how to avoid being targeted from former crime investigator Alex Iszaat –turn off the location-sharing features, make sure that your privacy settings are updated and that you are only broadcasting to your friends. Try not to post from your holiday destination – instead create an album of photos and send these through to your friends either as a private group message or via email, or post them when you get back.

Facebook gives the user the ability to ‘check-in’ to a location – try not to use this feature as burglars will be looking out for this information.
Tim Mitchell, cybersecurity expert at Get Safe Online told Nationwide building society ‘If you want to upload photos of your holiday, or anything else that shows that you’re away from home, it’s best to wait until you’re back to avoid making it an easy target for criminals’.
‘In the US, insurance companies have started to refuse to pay out for burglary claims if they find that someone has posted or tweeted that they’re away. This sort of act is starting to be regarded as negligence, the same as if you had left doors and windows open while you’re out,’ he says.
Although burglary rates in Surrey are one of the lowest in the country you still need to make sure that you take care to avoid posting or tweeting whilst you are away.
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