Back to school…

August 28th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

Only another week until the children start back at school, and with that brings the frenetic early morning routines, sport activities, piles of paper work and shorter autumn days which makes life feel even more hectic.  
The best way to tackle this onslaught is to plan ahead - start getting the children back into a school sleeping pattern - putting them to bed earlier and getting them up earlier, ready for when school reconvenes.
Then there's the school uniform to sort out, if you need to go to a specific tailors to source them, you will need to plan to go ahead of the last week of the summer holidays, ideally at the beginning of the summer holidays. Set aside an afternoon where you can measure your child and assess each of your child's requirements. Writing a uniform list for each child, if a list isn't supplied by the school, is a good idea. If you need a uniform with a logo then check out John Lewis's site
Check to see if older siblings have hand me downs that can be offered to the younger child. A good list is a great way to stop any shopping traumas.
Here is a quantity school uniform list:
• Sweaters/ cardigans/ sweatshirts x 3 (5)
• Polo shirts/ shirts 3 (4 or 5)
• Trousers/skirts 3 (4)
• Socks 4 or 5 pairs
• PE Kit - 1 set including plimsolls (normally needed but check the uniform list)
• School shoes - 1 pair
• PE bag - not always required - check the uniform list
• Regulation book bag - not always required, check the uniform list. If there isn't one you'll need to choose a school bag.
• A tie, if needed. If there's a clip-on/ elasticated option, it'll be much easier than having to help a four-year-old fasten a proper one each morning. Buy two in case one ends up lost/ with lunch down it.
• A school coat