Bike storage solutions for your home…

September 26th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge
Bike storage solutions for your home…

Finding the best storage solution for a bike in your home can be tricky. Many of us will resort to having to leave it in an entrance hall or wedged in with various other detritus we keep in a garage or a shed.  So we have had a look around to find out what bike storage solutions are available on the market.
A superb alternative for a high ceilinged room such as a garage, or for a room with a ceiling of about 3.65 metres, would be the Geared Up ‘Bike Storage Up and Away’, and it does exactly what it says. Available online for £39.99, you will need to buy one for each bike. The hoists are sturdy making it easy to hoist the bikes up towards the ceiling.  However, the cords are quite flimsy and would probably only be suitable for occasional use, such as in winter months when they are used less.
A Raleigh wall mounted storage system can hold two bikes at a time, and is much cheaper than some of the other alternatives, with an average retail price online of £32.99.  It keeps the bikes off the ground but it still takes up a lot of space, and lifting the bikes on and off could be quite difficult if they have heavy frames.
The Gear Up ‘Lean Machine Gravity Bicycle Rack’ provides storage for two bikes, ideal if you have an apartment, office or garage. The system allows you to store your bikes independently off the floor. It has soft vinyl covered cradles to protect the bike frame. The RRP is £49.99 but there are some cheaper offers online.
Bike Cave is a tent like system which you can erect in your garden, and is an excellent space saver if you want to keep your garage and home clutter free.  It retails from £39.95, and it can house up to three bikes, but you must ensure that you fasten the pegs down properly as it might fly away if it gets windy!
Our favourite bike storage alternative is the Cycloc bike storage system, perhaps just because we find it so aesthetically pleasing. This storage system offers a good alternative for people who live in a terraced house or flat, as the bikes sit flat against the wall.
The Cycloc storage system (featured) is made from strong plastic and is very contemporary.  It is available in four different colours; red, green, black and white. It can be used inside the home or in the garage, and can also fit elegantly into a small hallway.  It is the most expensive at £59.95 but it could make a good fashion statement in your home.