Broadband – making sure you stay connected

April 5th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

It’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have the necessity to be plugged in, it’s such as major part of our lives from retrieving information at the touch of a button, to communicating with friends, to streaming entertainment and incorporating it into our working lives. That’s why having good, reliable internet connection is one of the most important aspects of a well functioning home.
These days it’s not just about finding a house with mega fast broadband - of course if you live in the countryside then it is an important factor, but it’s also essential to make sure that you sign up to a good broadband provider.
Which? recently carried out a survey of over 3,700 broadband providers and it found that Zen Internet at £26 per month came out top with a customer score of 83% Utility warehouse at £26 per month coming out second with a score of 80%. One of the best things Which? said about Zen is the fact that they have a UK call centre and a great broadband service at a low price. Customers also stated that Zen’s internet was easy to set up and was also very reliable.
Other broadband suppliers were plusnet at £18 per month who scored 65%, John Lewis £23, 64% rating, the Post Office £20 per month, 59% and Vodafone £22 per month, with 58%. The company with the lowest overall score was Talk, Talk, due to its slow speeds and regular loss of service, it scored just 38%.
Source: Which?