Bungalows, did you know?

October 2nd 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

For most of us the word bungalow conjures up the type of building we all consider living in throughout our old age, if we can buy one – a gentle part of life’s migration. However the original concept of bungalow couldn’t get any further away from this.
After the Second World War, us Brits became much more aware of global home interiors and exteriors, and with it our craving for one floor living, fashioned on the style homes in California. There was a huge boom in bungalow building around the 40’s, as people sought large detached plots and one storey living. Bungalows not only offered a larger living space, as a large part of the building wasn’t taken up with a staircase but normally they were detached and were built on a spacious plot.  
Since then bungalows have remained popular, and according to an article in the The Telegraph, they are the most popular type of home, but land shortage has resulted in bungalows, like most houses being squashed into smaller and smaller sized plots, gone has the original vision of a large expanse of living space inside and out.
The lack of available bungalows has been cited as one of the main problem with the current housing crises in the UK, resulting in couples living in large houses being unable to move into suitable accommodation. Older couples don’t necessarily want to move into flats or retirement homes, and developers are not really interested in creating bungalows, as the profit margins are not as interesting. Currently only 2% of new builds in the UK are bungalows.
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