Buy a new or old home in Surrey?

November 29th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge

This decision can be set clearly in a buyers mind even before entering the market place, and can be based on previous experience, or just the fact that they have a preference for one or the other.
Both types of houses can offer the potential home owner so much, an older property can often provide more space and a larger garden, where as a newer home can give a buyer total peace of mind; 10 years NHBC building warranty and 2 years customer care warranty as standard.
Old houses can be harder to insulate and keep warm during the winter months, whereas a new home will be built with the latest insulation standards, resulting in cheaper energy bills.
Traditional homes usually have original features, which add bags of character to a property where as newer homes can sometimes feel soulless.
Street parking can also be an issue in older terraced houses, but can often offer bags of kerb appeal. Whereas most new homes come with double garages, spaces to turn and ample parking.
In an older home, unless it has undergone a complete renovation there will probably be on-going repair costs. However, it could offer you the opportunity to put your own creative stamp on your pad, as well as adding value to your property. 
On the other hand new homes offer a blank canvas and have been created with modern lifestyles in mind, and are normally fitted with the latest home technology.
Garden sizes in a new home can be restrictive, especially if you have a large family. If you’re looking at a long-term investment it might be harder to add value to a new home, but if you buy into a popular area such as Ashtead, where demand outstrips supply, then your home would normally increase in value without doing any work to it.
So in conclusion when choosing an old or new home, there will probably be a certain criteria you will need to adhere to, depending on your budget and availability in the area you would like to buy into. If you fall in love with a property whether to buy old or new might simply go out of the proverbial window, so going into the market place with an open mind on this issue is probably the best way to tackle buying your new home.
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