Commuting from Surrey?

October 2nd 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

In September it has been good for people living in Surrey to note that the capacity for commuters traveling into London is being addressed and that 150 new train carriages have been ordered by South West Trains. Over the last 20 years, the number of passengers using South West Trains has risen massively and around 222 million passenger journeys are made on the network every year; making one of the country’s busiest stations, London Waterloo.
The plans will see 30 new five-carriage Desiro City trains pulling into Waterloo and providing 18,000 extra peak-time passengers. It will also allow for a further 6,000 daily peak-time passengers once the infrastructure upgrades are complete. Ten carriage services will be introduced on the main suburban network, benefiting passengers travelling to stations such as Epsom and Guildford via Cobham.
Tim Shoveller, chief executive for the South West Trains Network Rail Alliance, said: “These exciting plans will deliver the biggest step-change in capacity and service to our customers on the network in decades. As well as providing extra space for passengers using our service now, the combination of investment in the infrastructure and these new trains will create space at Waterloo.”
The new train order is part of a comprehensive five-year plan developed by the allied companies and aims to transform services for passengers, incorporating longer platforms and other associated infrastructure improvements.  The first of these new carriages will begin arriving in 2017 and should all be operational by early 2018.