Converting your wood burning fireplace…

May 7th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

If you have a traditional open wood burning fireplace then you will probably be losing 80% of the heat up your chimney. Open fireplaces create a lovely ambiance in a home but not only do they do little to heat up a room, they also create dust, can aggravate allergies, are not very environmentally friendly and can in some cases cause house fires. So what are the alternatives?
The alternatives would be to replace your fireplace with either an electric or gas fire as they give off much more heat into a room. They also give instant heat, making them perfect top up to a room’s heat in the colder months.
Electric fireplace insert:
These are the easiest to fit, because unlike gas inserts you do not need to have a vent, or a working fireplace. They give off a great direct supply of heat into a room, different models give off different kilowatts of power, so you will need to work out how much heat you need in your room before you buy.
There are several different styles of electric fireplaces:
Inset Electric fires - these can be fitted into the fireplace opening or fitted flat against a wall. The inset will have a realistic flame effect of either coal or pebbles.
Electric Stoves - if you would like to give the impression of a traditional wood burning stove in a traditional style home these can be very realistic.
Wall hung electric fires - these work well in a contemporary surrounding and can be fitted to any wall in your home.
Gas insert - These are complete fireplace inserts, and will generally cost more than installing an electric fire. They are very energy efficient because they are normally fitted with a glass door and the fumes go out of the back vent. The flames also look more realistic than on an electric fire.