Deck the halls, and sell your home before Christmas

September 16th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
Deck the halls, and sell your home before Christmas

If you are thinking of moving before Christmas then it’s not too late, but you will need to prepare your home quickly.

September is a really good time to put your home on the market as buyers are still looking to move into a new home before Christmas, and with just over four months until the festive activities begin, this will still give you plenty of time to complete a transaction.

If you are looking to secure a pre-Christmas sale, the first thing you will need to do is to ask a local agent such as Goodfellows to value your property, as they will be able to give you an accurate price based on other properties they have sold in your area. Pricing a property correctly is key to achieving a sale before Christmas.

Next you will need to finish off any DIY or repair jobs in your home - unless you are planning on reflecting this in the price. Make sure that the kitchen and bathrooms are presentable, as buyers will know that these are the most expensive rooms to put right. Damp issues are also a big no no in the world of property selling, so make sure you deal with any problems before your property goes on the market.

Ensure that your property has kerb appeal, a potential buyer will normally make up their minds about whether they would like to buy a property or not within the first few minutes of a viewing, so make sure that the front of your property looks tidy and inviting. Winter pansies are great for adding a bit of colour to planters and will flower throughout the winter months.

At this time of year you will probably be doing viewings when it’s dark, so make sure that the front of your property is well lit and the inside feels warm. Stage your home for a viewing – make sure that lamps are turned on, beds are made and the house is de-cluttered and looking at its best. If you have an open fireplace or wood burner then it would be a good idea to light it for each viewing, as this will make your home feel very warm and inviting.

If you would like any more help and advice on preparing your home for a Christmas sale, then please pop into your local branch of Goodfellows for a chat and a coffee or call our team on: 020 8102 0554 to find out more information.