Deep Clean Your Home

June 25th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

It has to be said that there are different levels of cleaning. For example, wiping down the kitchen counters is one thing. But if you really want to be thorough, you scrub the sink. There’s nothing like giving your home a good vacuuming. But how often do you really use the attachments to clean along the edges of the room?
Maybe you really are a person who tends to the details every time you clean, but most people aren’t. We tend to clean once a week but devoting an afternoon to really cleaning the home is not at the top of everyone’s agenda. There’s no better time however for cleaning from top to bottom than the middle of summer when the light is good and we all feel a bit more energised.
Start with dusting those hard-to-reach places. This may kick up plenty of dust, so complete this task before you start to vacuum. You might have a stash of special wipes, such as the dusting cloths or computer wipes stock piled under the sink – get them out and use them in the light. Don’t forget those cobwebs near the ceiling, or worst place ever - the slats of the blinds. At this time of year though you can even take them down with your curtains and give them a good wash.
Once the dust has been downed, start on the surfaces before you go further. Now is a great time to tend to those dirty spots on the wall that have been annoying you for months!  When that is all done you can then get out the vac and follow through with a good mopping. Spot-clean your rugs if you have any energy left. Or even better, get your carpets cleaned!