Digital Detox

January 15th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

This is when you give up your digital world for an allotted amount of time. It is regarded as a time to de-stress and reconnect with the natural world.

Two out of three adults now own a Smart phone, and if you own one you will understand just how hard it is to disconnect from this on-line world. Here are some stats from the Daily Mail, who say that people spend less time sleeping than they spend on their SmartPhone:

• The average person spends 8 hours and 41 mins on electronic devices
• This is 20 minutes more than the average night's sleep, it is claimed 
• Four in 10 smartphone users check their phone in the night if it wakes them
• More time is spent checking emails in the morning than eating breakfast
• Sleep experts warn constant exposure to devices is leading to poor sleep
• Expert advises making the bedroom a 'tech-free' zone in order to boost rest

If you would like to spend less time on your Smart phone or computer, then start off by making small changes. Here are a few tips:
• Try not checking your phone or computer for a few hours – if you are tempted to check emails or Social Media – don’t – find something else to do instead
• Don’t take any digital devices into your bedroom
• If you go for a walk in the countryside then switch your phone off and only use in emergencies
• Make eating time at the table a mobile free space
• Switch off digital media notifications – these can be a massive distraction
If you have any other ideas on how we can reduce our time on our Smart phones and computers then please share your thoughts on our Facebook page.
Source: Daily Mail