DIY on-line or traditional - which method would you choose to sell your property?

February 8th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
DIY on-line or traditional - which method would you choose to sell your property?

For a majority of home owners in the UK their largest asset will be their property, therefore when it comes to selling their home it’s important to ensure the transaction is handled in the best possible fashion, by professionals who are used to marketing properties (including giving a realistic price) and then negotiating the best price. Paying less money for an on-line estate agent doesn’t always work out to be the most cost effective way of selling a property, even if at the offset they do appear to be cheaper.  

On-line agencies according to some experts in the industry are growing in popularity as they are perceived as having a better on-line presence. However in reality this isn’t the case as estate agents such as Goodfellows advertise their properties across all the main property portals, as well as their own website, and have a good social media presence and a whole database of customers, who are communicated with via their monthly newsletter.  They have built up their good reputation on trust and commitment to their customers.

Local estate agents will normally have years of knowledge about house prices in their area, this experience is invaluable when selling a property, as selling it too cheaply will mean you will be out of pocket and putting it on over the value might mean that it will be on the market for too long. With a traditional estate agent you can be assured that you can ask for advice throughout the process, either popping in and having a face to face chat or by speaking to someone directly. Trained negotiators will be on had to clench the sale, and to liaise with solicitors, something which can become complicated if there is a long chain of buyers and sellers. It’s often at this point of selling a home that a sale can fall through, so it is imperative to have a good negotiating team dealing with your negotiation – that’s why 95% of home owners still choose a traditional estate agency according to the Guild Property Professionals.

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