Find the best diet for you…

January 21st 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

It’s this time of year when many of us turn our attention to our ever-expanding waistbands, or we might just be looking at ways to maintain a healthy weight. There are so many different diets, 1,500 calories a day (for a woman) 2,000 a day (for a man), Weight Watchers, Slim fast, 2:5, and many more, but finding the best one to suit your eating habits could be the key to keeping slim.
That’s why we were interested in the BBC’s test which states it finds out the best diet according to your eating habits. To start with you will need to put in your height and weight, which will then highlight whether you are too skinny, a good weight, overweight, obese or morbidly obese. You can also skip this step if you would rather not find out.
Once you have completed their short questionnaire on your eating habits, it will then give you a choice of three options to best categorise your eating behaviour; the constant craver, feaster and emotional eater.
Constant craver
This is someone who has a strong drive to eat where there are so many temptations in today’s world. This type of person will often have to put in more effort to diet than most people. The recommended diet for the constant craver is to go on a calorie controlled diet twice a week, like the 5:2 diet.
This type of eater finds it difficult to stop and it takes longer for this person to feel fuller. A high protein diet coupled with low glycaemic index carbohydrates will help you to stay fuller for longer.
The Emotional Eater
This is someone who reaches for food to make themselves feel better when stressed or anxious. They recommend cognitive behaviour therapy or dieting within a support group. The best type of diet for this person would be a low-calorie eating plan, which they state will help you to deal with emotional challenges without turning to food.
If you would like to see what type of eater you are then please visit the BBC website, they also offer food plans depending on what type of diet you need to be doing to lose weight.