Get your property ready for winter

October 31st 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Get your property ready for winter

The nights are drawing in and there’s not long until winter sets in some now is the time to think about how to winter proof your property.

So here are some ideas on how you can get protect your property this winter. First of all take a look at the outside of your property to make sure there are no missing or broken tiles or cracks in your walls. Make sure your drains are unblocked to prevent any of it from freezing and bursting and ensure your guttering is leaf free and your TV aerial or satellite dish is firmly secured.

Cut your grass for the last time, clear up leaves, plant any winter flowering plants. Cut back any big or potentially damage causing tree branches, secure your fencing. Store away anything that could get damaged through winter such as BBQ’s, lawnmowers, it’s always best to clean them too.

Get the inside of your home ready for the cold weather, make sure that your boiler is working properly this needs to ideally be on 1 bar – you can check this by looking at the valve usually placed underneath your boiler, if it’s not call out a heating engineer and ask them to service your boiler – it’s good to do this regularly to ensure that it is both safe and efficient. Bleed your radiators if needed. Lag any pipes and water tanks and insulate your roof. If you are not planning on using any open fireplaces insert a chimney balloon to stop any heat from escaping from your home up the chimney.

If you have wood floors cover these with rugs so that they absorb the hot air and stop it from escaping through the floorboards and spaces under your skirt boards.

Other ways to save on heating it to maximise the day light entering your property, double lining curtains, fitting foil to the back of radiators to prevent it being absorbed into your walls, changing an open fire to a wood burner, as the former looses on average 80% of its heat up the chimney and seeing if you can save money by switching energy supplier.