Go Sober for October…

October 2nd 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

This month Macmillan is encouraging people to take part in not drinking for the month of October, taking a drinking holiday. Already 36,000 people have signed up, pledging over £160,000 so far.
But it has raised the question that do these types of ideas actually change our behaviour in relation to how much we drink per week. Alcoholic drinks are a huge part of our society in the UK, we consume them to celebrate, relax, when we have friends around, going to the pub and at parties, but how many of us really know how much we should consume?
In the media we are constantly told as a society that we are drinking too much alcohol, but amazingly there is very little available information on how much we should all be consuming each week.
According to we should not regularly be drinking more than 3-4 units for men, which is the equivalent to a pint and ½ of 4% beer for men and 2-3 units of alcohol for women, which is the equivalent to 175ml glass of wine. Regularly is classed as every day or nearly every day.
Basically a woman under the current guide lines can drink 7 glasses of wine per week, and men can drink 10.5 pints of beer per week or 10 glasses of wine.
The reason why women can generally drink less than men is because their weight is often less than a man, which means that their bodies have less tissue to absorb it. As women have a higher ratio of fat to water, it means that women are less able to dilute the alcohol within their bodies. It also takes longer for a women to process alcohol within their body.
If you would like to find out more about alcohol related facts then please visit the drinkaware website.