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Goodfellows Stonecot Hill Open House receives 4 offers...

August 6th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge
Goodfellows Stonecot Hill Open House receives 4 offers...

We were delighted to have 32 people attending and 4 offers from our open house day last month on Stayton Road.
Open days are becoming more and more popular with sellers as it enables them to prepare their house for one special event. This approach is very popular for people with young families, as trying to keep a home tidy and neat for viewings can sometimes be an uphill struggle.
As open houses take place at weekends they are normally more convenient for both the seller and buyer, this also enables more people to view a property, creating a buzz on the day, normally resulting in more offers.
Any property can be perfect for an open house, so if you would like us to market your home and organize and open house day, why not contact your local branch of Goodfellows.