Growing herbs – six of the best container herbs to brighten up your meals…

April 28th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

It’s at this time of year for most of us who like to dabble in gardening, start to think about what we are going to plant in our pots and baskets. If like so many of us you have had several potting disasters, then it might be time to think about specialising in growing herbs, as they are prolific growers, with perhaps the exception of Coriander which always seems impossible to grow!  It’s a great way of spicing up simple dishes.
Whether you use just a pinch or a whole bunch of herbs their aromatic flavours are great for BBQs and everyday dishes, so we have created an easy guide to show which herbs are best with simple dishes:
Rosemary – this is one of the most aromatic and pungent herbs and can infuse any dish with a real Mediterranean feel. Perfect with lamb, beef, chicken, foccacia, pizza and pork dishes. You can also pick bunches and add them to the bottom of your BBQ when cooking, this gives a lovely aromatic flavour to barbequed meat.
Basil – this seems to brighten up any dish, perfect in salads, soups and creating pesto – reminiscent of Mediterranean holidays. Best grown in a pot.
Mint – this herb is extremely versatile and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Perfect with lamb, salads, mint tea, with strawberries, minty peas, use it to create minty drinks such as Mojitos, it’s also used quite a bit in Indian cooking. This herb is best grown in a container, as you will find that if you plant it in your flower beds, it will soon take over. 
Thyme – this delicious delicate herb is a great accompaniment to tomato and balsamic tarts, lamb and chicken.  It works really well with other herbs such as rosemary, which as a combination, are used so much in European cooking that this is a must have herb for any cook. If you plant these out in your borders they will grow really well too.
Parsley – this is another cooks must have herb, it will enhance the flavour of most dishes, from everyday sandwiches to soups and omelets, it also works really well when mixed with garlic.
Chives – these grow really well in pots, you only need to snip off a few stems at a time to enhance the flavour of mashed potato, potato salad, soups, cheese biscuits and salads.