Guildford – hot spot for investors 2016…

January 22nd 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
Guildford – hot spot for investors 2016…

In the past year we have seen a surge in buyers moving out of London into the Home Counties - an area cited by the Sunday Times as the number one area for investors to consider in 2016.
Surrey has often been viewed as a property hot spot because of its close proximity to the Capital, outstanding schools, amenities, towns, rolling countryside and clubs. Within this County is the town of Guildford, which according to a new survey, by UK Vitality Index, published by Lambert Smith Hampton now has the best economic prospects outside of London. It was also cited as the second hot spot town in a recent Sunday Times article.
The annual report from Vitality Index takes into consideration the economic prospects of towns and cities outside the Capital, focusing on those areas that offer the best potential for economic expansion over the next year. According to their survey Guildford has now replaced Cambridge as the area with the strongest and most robust economy – as they state that the area offers businesses and investors the opportunity for development, expansion and growth.
In the report Guildford’s main attributes were as follows; a high level of affluence, low levels of unemployment and a good status of education. They stated that the University of Surrey is now ranked 6 in the country in a table compiled by The Guardian. The new plans to improve the centre of Guildford, its infrastructure and shops will also make it more desirable.
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