Have you ever considered artificial grass?

September 26th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge
Have you ever considered artificial grass?

Have you noticed how artificial grass seems to be popping up everywhere? Popularity for this easy to manage garden product has increased over the past few years.  Many homeowners, councils and hoteliers are making it their preferred choice of lawn.
Busy lifestyles have meant that homeowners are increasingly drawn to the promise of having a low maintenance, consistently green lawn with no more grass cutting.  The best news is that your lawn will stay in tip-top condition for at least five years.
If you have children, it offers a great soft landing if placed around climbing frames and swings, as well as a cleaner environment - no more muddy footprints in the house. If you have pets, especially dogs, their urine will no longer leave yellow patches, as the synthetic grass will stay green.  You won’t need to worry about moss, or it turning dull or muddy through lack of sun if your garden is north facing.
Check out the Evergreen website if you are considering buying your very own green, clean grass, as they offer the largest choice of artificial grass in the country, from Wonder Yarn to Lazy Turf  (as featured) and amazingly it’s even available for next day delivery. Prices start from £12.25 per square metre and there is a choice of 14 different colours. However if you are looking to sell your home it would probably be advisable to stick to something more traditional, like green.