How to create your own home bar/entertainment area in your home

November 8th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
How to create your own home bar/entertainment area in your home

There are many reasons why home owners are looking to develop inside entertainment areas in their homes, one reason is because we spend a lot of time indoors especially during the winter months.

So if you would like to create your own bar/indoor entertainment space the first thing you need to decide on is where you would like to put it. Popular places are in the basement, spare room and garage.

Your bar will ideally need a fridge, sink and possibly a wine cooler – so you will need water, drainage and electricity.

Check out sites such as Pinterest which show cases lots of different styles and ideas. Pick out your favourite style perhaps you would like to show case your spirits in distinguished wood cabinets, or you might like shelving, or an industrial look – decide which style you would like an then follow it through your entire interior.

Decide what form you would like your bar to take –hidden away in a room behind some sliding cupboards, along one wall perhaps in a spare room so it could double up as a kitchen for guests, or would you prefer your bar to be free standing. Make sure that you incorporate your bar into the rest of your room, if you would like a TV/cinema area, or perhaps to have a pool table –departmentalise each area, you can also do this visually by having different flooring and paint colours.

Home Cinema - when choosing a TV it’s always best to go for the most up to date TV system that you can afford, buying a Smart TV will allow you to stream from popular sites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix – other considerations are picture quality, do you want a 4K system where you can watch Blu Ray 4k films. It’s best not to skimp on the sounds system either, as cabling will normally be imbedded in the ceiling and could be costly to change further down the line. Make sure you understand where a sound system needs to be placed and plan this into your room design, follow this link for some more advice

If you would rather buy a house that already has a fantastic entertainment system then Goodfellows has this house which is a prime example of how to successfully use different areas within a room to create different entertainment zones.

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For more information please follow this link or call Goodfellows on 020 8770 3377.