How to keep cool this summer…

July 24th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

Summer has finally hit, and temperatures soar but if like many of us, you are finding it hard to sleep then here are a few tips to help you:
Surprisingly enough the first thing to do is to sleep in pyjamas, these will need to have been made from natural material such as cotton, as this helps draw the heat away from your body as you sleep. However, taking off your quilt or sheets is a good idea.
Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert told the Daily Mail: ‘The pyjama fabric draws sweat away from your body,’ he says, ‘and will make you feel a lot cooler and more comfortable.’

Before going to bed take a warm shower as this will reduce your temperature, however make sure it’s not too cold as you might find that you are too awake to go to sleep.
If you don’t have one, then purchase a fan, these are quite noisy but research shows that people who use fans on hot nights do get more sleep.
Heat rises so on really hot nights try and sleep downstairs on your sofa or sofa bed. Try not to stick your feet out from underneath the covers, as according to Dr Stanley this will cause you to have sleepless nights, as keeping your feet warm is important.
Another way to avoid a sleepless night, is to leave all your windows open where possible throughout the night or late into the evening or early morning and then when the temperature rises to shut all of the openings to your home and curtains, this way you will keep your house cooler.
Source: Daily Mail