How to make hot cross buns…

March 24th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

Hot cross buns are available to buy in any supermarket, they are lovely toasted with a bit of butter on top, but however you enjoy having yours there’s no mistaking that a homemade hot cross buns tastes so much better. Until last year I felt a bit daunted about making my own hot cross buns, but armed with a bread machine, I got together all the ingredients, and went for it – the result 12 mouthwatering buns that were eaten by the family in an 8th of the time it took me to make them.
Having looked around the web for bun recipes, there are so many different variants on which ingredients you can use, how to make them taste different, but for me there is nothing better than getting that authentic taste of a fresh, warm hot cross bun my parents used to buy from the local bakery every Easter, so here is a traditional hot cross bun recipe from the BBC Goodfood website that you and your family can enjoy this Easter.
Although we have suggested that you use a bread maker for ease Paul Hollywood, chef and host of the Great British bake off suggests that the best way to make hot cross buns is by hand – if you would like to check out his tips for making the best hot cross buns please check out this link.